Four Friends become Food Network Favorites…

It all started with a craving for crunch, and soon enough the nation noticed. Chip-n-Wich, winner of Food Network’s hit show Food Court Wars brings together the best of both worlds by stacking sandwiches tall with home-made potato chips. We call it “crunch-in.” It’s a savory sensation everybody’s tried– take your favorite sandwich, grab your favorite chips, put the chips inside, then munch the crunch! That’s the concept that kicked it all off.

Chefs Craig Jones and Jonathan Neely launched Chip-n-Wich to share the taste of pure nostalgia with the world. Independently, they honed the crunch-in concept since childhood. With expert guidance from celeb chef Tyler Florence, the crunch-crafting duo refined their specialty sandwiches to create the perfect blend of gourmet flavor and sensory experience.

Jones and Neely partnered with Craig’s twin brother Corey Jones and longtime crunch cohort Jamie Coven to steer the artistic direction of the Chip-n-Wich crunch crusade. Together the four friends crafted a concept that showcases familiar flavors, farm-fresh ingredients and hand-crafted local products.

Chip-n-Wich offers Detroit’s own Faygo pop, a local favorite available in a variety of flavors.

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Our Mission…

At Chip-n-Wich, we specialize in crafting unique, flavor-filled gourmet sandwiches with homemade chips on the inside. Each of our savory sandwiches is stacked tall with fresh fried potato chips, hand tossed in our signature spice blends. To quench the crunch, we serve sweet and smooth floats made the traditional way with local Faygo pop, or blended with our house-made fruit-infused sparkling waters. To top it all off, we use farm fresh, local produce and all-natural ingredients. It’s who we are – MICHIGAN MADE!

Chip 'n' Wich